Personal Awareness Safety Training (PAST)

T2P have developed the PAST course to highlight and fulfil a great need in training for members of the public and to make the public aware of areas that are important in our personal safety and to dispel the belief that attending a one day course based on martial arts/self defence will protect us and keep us safe. This will not keep you safe, it can make things a lot worse and more dangerous for you.

Our PAST course has been developed through years of research and experience and we have developed this course so that our clients that attend our training will learn not just how to keep themselves safe but also to understand the whole concept of violence and aggression so that we are able maintain an awareness of our own personal awareness and safety.


4 hours


Understanding violence/aggression
ABC of personal safety
The dangers of over confidence
Personal safety tips
Dealing with stress
Reporting and recording an incident


On completion of this course of training you will be awarded a Train2Protect certificate of attendance.