Post or Mailroom Security X-ray Scanning Training

Security within the Post or Mailroom and the threat from Mail is often under estimated and overlooked.

Recent attacks both at home and overseas have shown how vulnerable business can be to attack via the postal system. Attacks have included chemical, biological, explosive and non-lethal devices. Regular reviews and training will ensure your Post or Mailroom staff can meet this growing threat.

For many years the Royal Mail and courier systems have been used by terrorists, criminals and disgruntled individuals to deliver postal devices of all types including letter bombs, with the intention of killing, maiming, frightening or disrupting individuals, business and government. Despite these attacks, many companies have failed to respond to this real and growing threat. Investment in training and technology can act as an effective line of defence for individuals, companies and government departments.

It is important that all Post or Mailroom Staff manning an x-ray machine have an understanding of what makes a suspicious article and exactly what is a prohibited article. It is also important to appreciate the correct procedures of how to handle either circumstance. Security Staff should also have an understanding of how to identify prohibited articles and their component parts. What makes an item either prohibited or suspicious can depend on local environments and regulations. Innocent items such as cameras, recording devices and alcohol as well as explosives and firearms may be considered as prohibited on certain sites.

Courses available


We remember that you are the customer and as such we aim to deliver training when and where you want it, without having to pay a premium for this service which includes out of hours and weekends. Courses are delivered in-house on your equipment to ensure staff gain the maximum benefit from training.