Evacuation Chair

Training and Supply

Under the Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) 2004 it is unlawful to discriminate against any person in regards to their employment. This includes evacuation of your premises in the event of a fire. Being left behind in a stairwell or refuge whilst other colleagues are leaving is not only harmful it is a breach of the regulations.

Train2Protect can work with you if required, to identify those at special risk, such as the mobility impaired and those with special needs and assist you with the preparation of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s).

As an independent provider, we are able to advise and procure a suitable chair, our experience has shown that not all chairs are suitable for everyone.

We can also carry out effective evacuation chair training at your premises on your equipment.

Put simply, Train2Protect can meet all of your evacuation chair requirements, to reduce the risk from fire, make sure people have a safe means of escape in the event of a fire and help you to meet your legal requirements.